Luxurious Elephant

From a luxury event to a luxurious hotel in the heart of Ljubljana.

After Ljubljana Fashion Week we were invited to visit Hotel Slon. While they have a 460 years old tradition, this was our first time staying there.

As I stepped into the hotel we admired the modern luxurious look.

Our Superior Deluxe room amazed us with the well thought out details and design. The biggest wow was the bathroom made of glass, with spacious shower as well as a tub (from which you can also watch tv ;)) As cool as the glass was, we soon realised that this basically means no privacy. It was when we noticed a small controller, that the "aha" moment came. It allows the person using the bathroom to take down the blinds.

I really appreciate the small notes in the different parts of the room. My favourite one was the weather forecast! 🙂

The bed was huge and cosy, with an adorable elephant toy.

You must be wondering why is the hotel called Slon (Elephant)?

In 1552, Maximillian II, the Archduke of Austria was traveling from Spain to Austria. On his way, he was bringing a wedding present for his wife: an elephant called Suleiman.

Since the journey was quite long, he stopped at the best inn in Ljubljana, the soon to be location of Hotel Slon. People of Ljubljana were amazed by this magnificent creature, that is why they decided to name the guest room and later the Hotel Slon.

The hotel was built in the mid 19th Century and rebuilt in 1937 by its then owner Mr. Koritnik, inspired by the modernist architecture fashion of the 1930s. "It was said to be the most beautiful and the most modern hotel in Ljubljana."

I highly recommend the hotel if you would like to be treated as royalty for a day or two. P.s. the food is also really delicious!!

🙂 Hopefully we will visit the hotel again really soon.