don't you dare

"We are all mad here" is the sign that welcomes you at the entry. And for the 2 nights we really were. 😁

We spent 2 wonderful nights in the heart of Museums Quartier, "the" place to be for all art and design ethusiasts.

The 25hours Hotel has a cool retro vibe, with the idea of embracing your inner acrobat. As we entered we were 'photographed' by several polaroid and vintage cameras placed on the wall.

Friendly staff showed us the loby with a photobooth, flipper machine and a couple of huge sofas. The elevator was 'secured' with a jail "door". Each room was decorated in its own theme.

As I entered the room for the first time I noticed right away different props placed on the shelf above the desk: juggling balls, hulahoop and a yoga mat. Next to the desk there was a vintage chair with the tv placed on 3 leather suitcases. The room was spacious and had a large balcony, a perfect location for morning yoga. Bathroom was quite open, a part of the bedroom, with a lovely glass shower.

The coolest part was the sleepng area, a comfy bed with 2 playful cushions: "let's spend the night together" and "almost home"; the wall paper with thee circus acrobats. There was a lovely pesonal note written by the 25 hours team welcoming us to the hotel and an interesting promo bag with fun items, which we also used for the photo you can see above. Since I am not so often in Vienna and the weater was nice, we went for a longer walk to the Prater, Vienna's amusement park.
The next day was quite rainy and chilly, that is why, after a big, healthy breakfast in the dining area we decided to visit one of my favourite museums, Mumok, which is within walking distance of the hotel. After the cold day, I was really happy to notice the afternoon yoga class and to find the 'spa' area in the basement. Large cup of tea on one of the indoor swings and sauna were just what I needed to recharge before my morning flyght to Copenhagen. I must honestly say, the hotel was even cooler than I imagined and we had the best time here, so I would be happy to return again. Thank you 25 hotels team for having us!