Experimenting with a robot

You can't imagine how excited I was this weekend when I realized I can finally combine my little robot hand with one of my favorite things to do - illustration.

Last week, amazing folks from @samsungaustria have sent me their new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, which gave me the perfect excuse to spend hours and hours drawing and experimenting with my Line-us robot.

We ordered Line-us some time ago via @kickstarter, but I couldn't make it work well enough with my phone as the screen was always a bit too small. The tablet comes with a comfortable drawing pen and this combined with the large screen was just what I needed. The S4 can run mobile versions of Adobe apps like Photoshop and Illustrator, so it's a perfect companion for creatives like me, who would like to have something light and fast to work on some illustrations or ideas on the go. And let's not forget the best thing about it - the keyboard. Anyone who has tried to type on a tablet screen probably knows my pain and since the keyboard feels just like a laptop one, writing posts and emails feels great again :)

So, what do you need to make a robot drawing:

  • A Robot hand (Mine is called Line-us)
  • A Tablet (I am using my brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab s4)
  • Some Paper (All kinds of paper work)
  • A Marker/Pen (I do not recommend pencils, they do the job, but the drawing won't be so visible)

How to set it up:

  • First, download the app/software for the robot hand
  • Plug the robot to electricity and follow the instructions on how to connect it to your tablet
  • Draw or select what you want the robot to make and let it do its magic
  • Voila! You've just made something awesome with your robot :)

Although the drawings won't be 100% accurate, it's still pretty cool, and you can make a lot of them all without drawing each one by hand. You can make the drawings a bit more detailed by using a tablet like the S4, as the bigger screen will enable you to fit in more details.

Just look at these drawings. Aren't they cute? :)
Have fun experimenting :)