Fifteen seconds festival 2019

Networking, networking, networking. This was my first time visiting 15 Seconds festival and networking seemed like the only thing that matters these days.

Located at the enormous Graz Messe hall, they presented many interesting talks, great connections and great artworks on several stages. I was lucky to catch inspiring talks by Santiago Lyon from Adobe, Leon Imas and Jeremy Mickel from Adidas, Universal music, and many more.

The artist area was designed in an traditional gallery layout, where the emerging artist displayed their artwork on the installed walls. My favourite pieces were from Pia Pivec, Nicole Wogg and David Leitner.

Besides analog artworks, the creative duo ninja Guru showed off with one of their interactive installations in the business area.

Their Lost II is an installation that, by tracking the audience interaction, creates sound, light and pictures. By communicating the difference between cold and warm light, natural and synthetic sounds, regular and irregular motion, it captures user attention.

Lost II recreates a feeling of being lost in a world of abstraction, and at the same time gives an opportunity for visitors to overcome this feeling.

Lost in details, lost in interpretations, lost in meta-modernism, lost II.

That is all for now. I hope I'll get a chance visit the 15 seconds next year as well.