Hatch watches

What is Hatch Watches?
Hatch Watches is a creative watch brand based in East London that designs singular timepieces with a commitment to high quality components and finishes.

The idea behind Hatch Watches?
Hatch Watches is born from the collaboration between Catherine Stolarski and Loïc Magnien, an industrial designer and a civil engineer based in East London. They were frustrated not to find an original wristwatch that would out-stand both
their design and quality standards at a reasonable price. So they decided to create their own. They wanted a creative watch that would not only show the time but would also last in time. So they not only focused on the quality of all the components and finishes, they added a little of magic that makes one rediscover and love their objects over and over again. This is how their watches trigger a continuous feeling of surprise and joy and will be different every time for a long time.

What inspired you to work on it?
The Original collection with its 3 watches HOA, HOB, HOC is an hommage to London urban scape of grids, bricks, tiles and lines. The design is the result of a graphic play with layers, superposition, proportions and motion.
The principle is very simple: two discs with alternated hollow and plain lines rotate on each other to create cross-hatching patterns and moire effects as time changes.

With a practice between graphic and industrial design, Catherine has always worked from 2D to 3D and vice versa with one practice influencing the other until they both became fully part of her design process. This how Hatch Watches were
born, between layers and superpositions on Illustrator in complement of CAD files and 3D printed prototypes.
In her own words: “I cultivate this fascination for interlaced lines, grids, woven motifs and knitted materials and also like an item one uses to be a renewed source of delight and surprise. I am proud that I have captured so many of my preocuppations in such a small object.”


What are the plans for the future?
Hatch Watches’ Original collection will be available to pre-order online in Spring- Summer 2018 and will be fully launched in Autumn 2018. But the couple doesn’t plan on stopping just yet, they have already plenty of ideas for future collections and intend to place Hatch Watches on the creative map in the next few years. They also already consider future partnerships with
artists and designers and explore further around the same principle and around different inspirations.

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