Micro bathrooms

In October 2021 I bought a tiny apartment at a city auction in the centre of my hometown. It is located in a historic building which dates back to 1903.

I had 0 experience in renovation, so I asked my dad for help. Although he is not working in construction nor architecture business, renovations were always his passion. We have been renovating slowly 3 times per week, DIY style and after 6 months I can already see a lot of progress we did, but there are of course still quite a lot of things to do.

Each part of the renovation project i take very seriously, with lots of research and youtube tutorials ( :D).
At the moment I am designing my own micro bathroom (1,5m2) .

This apartment came with just an outdoor toilet and no bathroom at all!! But luckily for me all plumbing installations were nearby so, so we were able to plan and build a micro bathroom from scratch, right next to the toilet, inside of the previous kitchen area. At the moment we only build walls, but now the fun begins. Designing!!

Through my research I learned a lot of useful tips, which I would like to share with you.
There are several options to make micro baths functional and beautiful because every inch counts.

  1. To make the space look spacious, it is essential to use light colours for your walls. Light colour make your space appear bigger than it is. Some also suggest to choose a floor that is darker.
  2. The bathtub in this space should be replaced by a corner shower in order to save space.It is especially important that the elements are prefabricated and attached to the wall so that there is space between the elements and the floor to get a feeling of having more space if the floor is empty. Consider a pedestal sink it always enhances the illusion of more space.
  3. Regarding the light we need a LED light that will contribute to the feeling of spaciousness.

  4. Also it is preferable to have a big mirror in the bathroom because the reflection is really important that comes from the mirror for the space.

  5. Tiles. I decided to combine white narrow Cinca tiles with a more playful large format terrazzo style tiles from FMG, bought at
    Vistra Butik Shades of tiles are of course very important. Terrazzo tiles should include brown or green colors because these are the colours that we associate with nature and give us a nice feeling of health.

    Hope this tips and sugestions will help your tiny or micro bathroom a pleasant place to be! Until next time, hopefully with a already finished bathroom :)!

Photos: personal source, Pinterest, Ceramica Galassia, Ever life design, Vistra Butik