Note to myself

It was my first time visiting Prague and the first time in the Czech. I stayed at the Prague Boutique Maximilian Hotel, which felt zen for my eyes. Since I was travelling overnight, it was a real delight to arrive at a chic but comfortable place. Even though I arrived a bit earlier than the official check-in, the kind staff managed to get my room ready a bit earlier and took care of my belongings.
For those who do not know, I am a graphic designer by profession, which is why I always spot the visual identity of a hotel and any kinds of graphical work they have displayed. As one enters the hotel, their three large collages of women decorate the
hotel bar Brasserie.
At this moment, I am obsessively searching for chandeliers for my new micro bedroom, so the sculptural light fixture in the restaurant area, placed in a skylight, caught my attention. The play of lights and shadows appearing from the particles in the skylight added a truly unique atmosphere.

The food in the hotel was very delicious. I managed to try one of the lunches and two breakfasts. I very much enjoyed the sweet and salty combinations of fish and sweet roasted quinoa so much that I asked the chef to tell his secrets of its preparation. Since I love to sleep in, especially on vacation, I appreciated that the breakfast was until 10:30.

My room was very cosy and spacious. As a big fan of the never-out-of-style terrazzo, I enjoyed the greyish tones framed with black steel glass walls and black fixtures. The favourite part of the room, besides the very comfortable king-sized bed, was the view of the church of St. Castulus. Each morning I woke up to the views of the church tower and the roof peak of it. A kind surprise was also the complimentary bottle of wine, which I shared with a good friend, currently living in Prague.

I was very grateful for my followers’ suggestions of interesting places; one of them was bar Náplavka. It is a must-see for all architecture and design lovers. It is an area of bars and small galleries with the most unusual location, next to the port, inside of ex-port storage facilities. The unique large circular windows open automatically with a click of a button. Another must-see is the Dox Centre of Contemporary Art. They always have different interesting exhibitions and Manifesto food court, which even has a pool in the summer.

If you are interested in shopping, I suggest visiting a concept store with young Czech products and fashion designers. You can find it across the hall from the cosy SmetanaQ Cafe, and underneath the Café is a free gallery on the second floor. If you are a fan of vintage-inspired cafés, I also suggest a stroll through the city park and a stop for a coffee at Café Letka.

That is all from my short trip, hope you got some inspiration on where to go and what to do in Prague.

P.s. For me it is very important to support local designers and business. In the photos I am wearing Mira Vert pullover, from a sustainable Slovenian designer. The super soft pullover was my go to outfit to explore the city and be warm enough in it. This designer only works with natural materials and makes high-end pieces which last a long time. Slow fashion is something we should all be considering.
In the end all I can say is a note to myself, to return to Prague a.s.a.p.