Meditative and sensual 50 minutes in Kunsthaus Graz.

"As a child, I drew in blue on all possible surfaces: from the wall in my room to school books, sneakers, magazine covers, T-shirts, underwear, furniture, boarding passes, movie tickets, right up to the back of important documents. I dis this intuitively and continuously. "

Our lives are busy. We often don’t take time indulge ourselves in a moment. The artist Marta Navaridas manages to bring just that.

I was one of the lucky group of visitors to join her performance. We were seated in front of the 3 performers, in a large white box turned into a stage. All the walls were covered with paper.

As the show played, the performers drew on walls, their bodies, or just plain air. Basically no surface was off limits. They were accompanied by a harp and electronics which music to which the performers danced and drew. At times however, the influence came from the performers, which was reflected in the music the 2 musicians were playing. This repetition was sometimes a hypnotic sight. Marta explains her idea of the performance as a kind of a surreal experience, a dream. During the series of 5 performances, the paper walls were left untouched, reflecting past sessions and getting more and more blue. At the end of the series the paper was removed.

About the artist:
Marta is a performer and choreographer, from Spain. She studied translation and interpreting at the UPF Barcelona, choreography at the ArtEZ College of Art in Arnhem and Mime at the HKA Amsterdam Theater school.

Concept / artistic direction: Marta Navaridas
Dramaturgy: Alexander Deutinger
Performance: Lau Lukkarila, Xianghui Zeng, Veza Fernández
Live music / composition: Eduardo Raon, Manuel Riegler
Costumes: Johanna Lakner
Stage: Carlotta Bonura, Plan B
Outside Eyes: Monika Klengel
Production and tour management: Sophie Schmeiser
Co-production: SCENE Salzburg

Foto: Kati Göttfried

Foto: Kati Göttfried