Op Frauler stone sculpture

Work by OP Freuler, a Swiss visual artist. He is known for his abstract as well as realistic paintings and sculptures. A lot of his work is inspired by daily life scenes in Zurich.

'Everything I do is expressive and strong, my material arsenal is tremendous; my sculptures and paintings have been made of razor wire, glass shards, river stones, ancient keys, and knifes – anything that strikes my experimental imagination. I never stop working, I produce ample works during the nights in my studio. During the day I work as a consultant in the financial industry in Zurich. This is important to me, first it pays the rent and second it mounts tensions which will be released during the composition of an artwork. Sometimes this reminds me of the coal in the ground which needs tremendous pressure to form diamonds.

My work has involved the use of vast varied materials, from rusty razor wire to color condoms. My work does not repeat itself; it is always an experiment. '