Rimske Terme: A Pampering Weekend Getaway

The town’s name, meaning “Roman Baths” in Slovenian, pays homage to the ancient Roman hot springs that once were used for medicinal purposes. Today, Rimske Toplice is a popular destination for both; locals and tourists seeking relaxation and treatments, including massages, saunas, and hydrotherapy. Set amidst the rolling hills and forests town provides a serene atmosphere for visitors to unwind. Rimske Terme are located on a small hill, next to a sequoia park, just above the village and near a small train station.

My recent visit with my friend Salome was nothing but delightful. We arrived late in the evening and treated ourselves to a delicious Russian buffet dinner, followed by live music and hot chocolate at the bar.

My suite was breath-taking – spacious, with a large bathroom featuring a shower and a bath. Most importantly, it had a private sauna. The living space had a stunning view of Rimske Toplice village from atop the hill. The walk-in closet was equally impressive, located next to the room with the large bed.

The next day we enjoyed a lovely buffet breakfast before spending the day swimming and enjoying the sauna. The Roman-inspired architecture of the Rimske Toplice complex is genuinely incredible. The geometric shapes and designs were dispersed over two floors, creating a sense of grandeur and elegance that will leave you speechless. The central swimming pool is the heart of the complex, and the surrounding architecture provides a perfect resting spot for guests who want to take in the sights and sounds of the other swimmers.

Since I think it is necessary to support small local businesses, I would also like to mention that I got a new swimming suit from the brand @swimsor. It is an ethical and sustainable brand by Barbara Sorčič. She creates her pieces from recycled fishing nets.
More about the brand.

As a big sauna fan, I was thrilled to experience the infrared, Turkish, and Finnish saunas. I especially enjoyed the special programs that were offered each hour. We tried the salt peeling in the Turkish sauna, and my skin felt baby-soft afterward. The warm weather allowed us to enjoy the outdoor pool as well. We even indulged in one of the Rimske Toplice’s historical baths, which worked wonders as a jacuzzi bubble bath. We were being spoiled with champagne, fruit, and chocolates.

In the evening, we treated ourselves to a lovely 4-course dinner, with the cold starter of duck pate and the warm starter of gnocchi with Sand dune ink being my favourites.

The final day of our stay began with a royal breakfast of four courses, including a glass of champagne to start the day. I then pampered myself with a 60-minute massage for complete relaxation and the awakening of the senses. And afterwards, I can say that I highly recommend it, you will not regret it.

Feeling renewed and invigorated, I can say that the Slovenian hospitality at Rimske Toplice is truly out of this world. It is no surprise that Slovenians visit Terme so often – it is simply the best way to unwind and rejuvenate. I will definitely visit them soon again. :)

Read more about Rimske Terme at: rimske-terme.eu