Sicherheit statt Freiheit?

About my trip to the prison. JK :)

A couple of months ago, I visited an interesting theater performance of the Graz Theater actors.
It all started in front of the theater, where a 'prison bus' was waiting for us, the prisoners. Each visitor received a pair of headphones and was located to his seat. On the way to the next location (Schaumbad) we were quietly listening to conversations of actors and as soon as we arrived to the 'prison' we left the headphones behind and entered the building.

The prison guards escorted us inside. Each of us was seated on a chair somewhere inside of a metal construction, divided by simple transparent walls, made of plastic.

I loved the intimacy of the whole play, and it was the actors walking between us, that made it even more so.
It was an amazing experience and I really hope they will make another one next year.