Super stay at Super Bude

Nothing is better than an art concept hotel just next to the Prater amusement park!

My sister is a big Imagine Dragons fan and it just so happened they had a concert in Vienna, so we decided to make it a mutual trip to the Austrian capital. We were both excited to be able to attend a large concert after Covid and then spoil us with a stay at Superbude Hotel & Hostel & Home Wien Prater, right by Würstelprater. The unique hotel has an extraordinary concept which blurs the lines of what a hotel usually is.

We loved the fact that the staff works 24/7. They kindly greeted us, even though it was late in the night and offered us one of their special rooms called "The Reading Room", one of the 17 different variations of the 178 hotel rooms they offer.

The lobby appeared as a living room with a rocket chimney and bizarre objects, stories that could not be more different from each other. The staff explained the hotel focuses on sustainability. Whether it’s furniture that was mainly purchased secondhand, or rent-a-bikes that were refurbished.

The whole design of the hotel was a collaboration between Laura Karasinski (Atelier Karasinski) and Gerd Zehetner (archiguards) and a younger generation of Viennese artists that played a big part in the implementation. These were for example the students of the Universität für Angewandte Kunst, who participated in creating the rooms’ walls’ design.

Hearing all of this filled me with excitement and just had to see the room right away. As I entered my eyes immediately stopped at the large floating bed, placed in the centre of the room. The bed was surrounded by large bookshelves and one of a kind view of the amusement park, which added a surreal atmosphere to the room. There was no TV, because as the staff says: "once you’ve laid eyes on the roller coaster across the street everything else becomes boring."

In the morning we decided to go for a cup of morning coffee and explore the hotel a bit more. I really recommend Neni, their edgy restaurant on the top of the building, where you can enjoy the view and a cool bathroom, inspired by the design of the swimming pools and also lots of other murals.

Overall I think this was my shortest, but also one of the sweetest stays in Vienna and I am already looking forward to returning!