Unique loft bed

In a small apartment, every centimetre is important, so that one feels comfortable. After years of saving Pinterest pins and “never too small” YouTube channel videos, I thought I have the perfect opportunity to use my vision of this tiny apartment and extra high ceilings, and design myself a unique loft bed, where I do not need to compromise on
storage space and built-in closets and make my apartment especially comfortable with a
large mattress. I do not have any experience designing furniture, so I asked my friends - interior designers for some pro tips that made sure my sketches were correct.
I have designed the two pull-out closets to maximise the storage space, since they are 100 centimetres deep. The other four closets have a site of 50x60 and are typical shelve closets. Space behind the closets was designed on the spot, after the discussion with the carpenter. In my original design, space of almost 2m2 would have been useless, and this would just have been a pity.
On the top of the closets, I placed a 160 centimetres large mattress from Napsy. The unusual feature of this mattress is that I picked a shorter one (190), so I have more space to walk the upper area. My mattress is covered by matching Napsys bed duvet and a pillow. And there is something special about them. They are made of recycled plastic from the Plastic bank. It is recognised as a leading solution to stop ocean plastic. You can read more about it on Plasticbank.com.
At the end I would like to point out that I am a huge fan of plants and green walls. I own around 25 plants, and that is why I have decided to design an area specifically for them. The long shelves slightly divide the space and serve as a barrier fence and were placed all the way up to the ceiling for the maximum storage space.

If you are interested in it's blueprints feel free to check them here: www.designneeds-interior.co

That is all. Until next time.